Grant Township and the City of Clare has received a request to transfer jurisdictional authority from the Township to the City of Clare.

The request is pursuant to the Urban Cooperation Agreement between the Township and City.  The parcel to be transferred is identified as 505 Witbeck Drive, property number is:



The Public Hearing will take place on Tuesday May 14th 2024 at 7:00pm at the Grant Township Hall, 3022 E. Surrey Rd., Clare.


The purpose of the Public Hearing is to provide an opportunity to receive public comment on the request to transfer.  The documents pertaining to the transfer request can be seen at the Grant Township Hall, 3022 E. Surrey Rd., Clare by appointment.  Call 989-424-6331 or email,


The public hearing is held in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.


Dan Dysinger


Please contact our Hall Coordinator: Grant Twp. (989)424-6331

To view the Rental Agreement on the website, go to: Services- Hall Rental